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     Fonds Amici Thomae Mori - Moreana

    The main books and documents which were at the Moreanum of Angers have been taken in the prestigious Dominican library Bibliothèque du Saulchoir in Paris - France

    It happens that we signed a contract of deposit for our Collection with the prestigious Saulchoir Library which is located in Paris and as such extremely accessible to all, from France as well as from abroad. The precise address is
    45bis rue de la Glacière - Paris, 13th district. (phone: +33 144087192).

    Catalogue of books deposited at the Saulchoir Library

    In order to reach the list of our books already deposited at the Saulchoir Library, go to the page of

         We have already transferred the books which had been deposited in 2005 at the Catholic Institute of Lille but had to be removed because the whole Lille Library is to be located on a temporary site near Dunkerque, quite away from the main air or land routes...
         Little by little, we are moving in all the books which we collect from those who had saved them during the 'express removal' from the 'rue Volney' in Angers, as well as from those who wish to bequeath to the Moreanum some of their own books related to Thomas More's universe.
         Before moving them to the Saulchoir's catalogue, we have to first gather them together and devote some time to the appropriate quotation.

         The Manager, Isabelle Séruzier, is now taking care of our books.