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    EnglishElliot M. SIMONThomas More’s Humor in his Religious Polemics7-50
    EnglishVeronica LYTER“Brave and Prudent Soldiers”: The Virtue of Courage in The Sadness of Christ51-72
    EnglishMaureen BIELINSKIScience and Utopia: Thomas More's Knowledge of Renaissance Science73-118
    EnglishRomuald I. LAKOWSKIScience and Utopia: Thomas More's119-146
    EnglishMariano A. VILARPleasure and Variety in Thomas More’s Utopia147-170
    EnglishRégis Augustus Bar CLOSELFictional Remembrances of Sir Thomas More: Part I/II - The Sixteenth Century171-204
    EnglishCharles Clay DOYLESnakes and Eels: The Slender Odds of Wiving Well205-225
    EnglishJean Du VERGER“Believe me when I swear, for I cannot tell a single lie”: Teofilo Folengo’s Calculated Publishing Strategies225-268
    EnglishMaarten VERMEIRChancellor Jean le Sauvage / Ioannes Sylvagius: Erasmus’ princeps christianus and a prince of Utopia for Thomas More269-283
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    EnglishJerry HARPA Verse Translation of More’s Latin Epigrams into English283-292
    EnglishRomuald I. LAKOWSKIAnother Poem by Margaret More Roper?293-294
    EnglishThomas MERRIAMGod’s Foolishness is Wiser than Man’s Wisdom295-298
    Book Reviews
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    EnglishTravis CURTRIGHTEd., Thomas More: Why Patron of Statesmen? REVIWER Veronica Lyter299-312
    EnglishJames McCONICATomás Moro, Spanish translation by Francisco Mitjans REVIWER Alvaro Silva313-316
    EnglishERASMUSThe Correspondence of Erasmus: Letters 2204 to 2356 REVEWER Seymour B. House317-319