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    Thomas More, Renaissance & Humanism

    discover a sample copy:

              Moreana is an international, multilingual and non-confessionnal journal, published in double issues, in June and December. First published in 1963 by Germain Marc'hadour within the Amici Thomae Mori society, it is today read in nearly thirty countries. Its main object is to encourage and promote academic research on the English humanist Thomas More.

              The journal embraces all fields of research connected to Thomas More, Humanism and the Renaissance including History, Literature, Theology and any other relevant field capable of throwing light on More's work and his time.

              As a journal specializing in the Sixteenth Century, Moreana also promotes research concerning such humanists as Erasmus, Budé, Vives, Luther, Tyndale, Pico della Mirandola... with the aim of better understanding More's time, the journal also supports research regarding Rome and the Reformation.

              Moreana keeps More scholars in touch with current research through its book reviews and the regular announcement of conférences and seminars concerning Thomas More, Humanism and the Renaissance.