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Dallas CTMS Nov 2016

Bruges 2016 - SCSC
  • Literature and Geography
  • Utopian mirrors and images
  • Spiritual Masters
  • Translations of Utopia
  • Utopia and De Tristitia Christi
  • Margaret Roper and Erasmus

  • Berlin 2015 - RSA
  • 16th and 17th Utopias
  • More and Publishing (I)
  • More and Publishing (II)
  • Humanism and spirituality

  • New York 2014 - RSA
  • Introduction
  • Geography and Utopias I
  • Geography and Utopias II
  • Geography and Utopias III
  • More Facing his Time
  • Intertextual Connections
  • More Circle I
  • More Circle II
  • Talk at St Bart's

  • Washington DC 2014 - TMS
  • Washington DC 2014

  • Paris 2012 - Amici Thomae Mori
  • Paris 2012 - Recordings

  • Other Conferences
  • Montreal 2011
  • Venice 2010
  • Dallas 2008
  • Liverpool 2008

  • 2016 M-C Phélippeau Talks
    2013 - M-C P at Boulogne

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    RSA Conference - Berlin, March 26-28, 2015

    Thursday March 26 

    Form and Meaning in 16th and 17th C Utopias

    Chair: Marie-Claire Phélippeau - Moreana Editor

    - Ana Cláudia Romano Ribeiro - Federal University of São Paulo
    Translating the "figures of sound" from Utopia's Book I into in Brazilian Portuguese.

    - Helvio Moraes - University of Mato Grosso
    Bacon's New Atlantis: Inheritance and Rupture in the Utopian Genre.

    Friday March 27

    Thomas More and the Art of Publishing (I)

    Chair: Brian Cummings - University of York

    - Gabriela Schmidt - University of Munich
    Of travellers, messengers and foundlings: Thomas More's Fictionalizing Use of Paratexts.

    - Jean Du Verger - ENSMM, Besançon
    'Believe me when I swear, for I cannot tell a single lie': Teofilo Folengo's Calculated Publishing Strategies.

    Maarten Vermeir - University of Leuven
    Ioannes Sylvagius (Chancellor Jean le Sauvage), benefactor of Erasmus' and More's bonae literae.

    Thomas More and the Art of Publishing (II)

    Chair: François Laroque - University of Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III

    - Katie Forsyth - University of Cambridge
    The Matter and Materiality of Thomas More's Workes.

    - Regis Augustus Bars Closel - Unicamp, São Paulo / University of Birmingham
    Remembrances of Thomas More in Sixteenth-Century England. 

    Thomas More: Humanism  and Spirituality

    Chair: Ana Cláudia Romano Ribeiro - Federal University of São Paulo

    Elliott M. Simon - University of Haifa
    Thomas More's Humour in his Religious Polemics.

    - Marie-Claire Phélippeau - Moreana Editor
    Thomas More, the Mystic?