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Dallas CTMS Nov 2016

Bruges 2016 - SCSC
  • Literature and Geography
  • Utopian mirrors and images
  • Spiritual Masters
  • Translations of Utopia
  • Utopia and De Tristitia Christi
  • Margaret Roper and Erasmus

  • Berlin 2015 - RSA
  • 16th and 17th Utopias
  • More and Publishing (I)
  • More and Publishing (II)
  • Humanism and spirituality

  • New York 2014 - RSA
  • Introduction
  • Geography and Utopias I
  • Geography and Utopias II
  • Geography and Utopias III
  • More Facing his Time
  • Intertextual Connections
  • More Circle I
  • More Circle II
  • Talk at St Bart's

  • Washington DC 2014 - TMS
  • Washington DC 2014

  • Paris 2012 - Amici Thomae Mori
  • Paris 2012 - Recordings

  • Other Conferences
  • Montreal 2011
  • Venice 2010
  • Dallas 2008
  • Liverpool 2008

  • 2016 M-C Phélippeau Talks
    2013 - M-C P at Boulogne

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    About Thomas More's Utopia
    (see video down below)

           On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of More's Utopia, our friend, Gérard Crozat, English teacher in Tarbes, organized two meetings about Utopia, with the philosophy teachers and their students.   

         The first one took place in Lourdes, at Lycée Peyramale with Marie Charignon,

         and the other was at the Institution Jeanne d'Arc in Tarbes, with Antoine Guiraud.

         The students of "Terminale L" are studying More's work for their 2016 Baccalauréat oral exam. Indeed Utopia influenced 19th century thinkers, notably Marx and Engels and can be read as a philosophical fiction.

         After presenting the circumstances of the work composition and its literary interest, Marie-Claire Phélippeau solicited the students on a few philosophical questions.

         Hubert Baudet, who was in the audience, shot the film which you can discover here. We regret that the film shot in Lourdes was underexposed due to unsufficient light in the amphitheatre.