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    "Les Compagnons de Thomas More" handbook

         The University Group "the Companions of Thomas More" was founded in Brussels by Abbot Jules Jacques and constituted the ground of what became the "Amicale Thomas More", founded by Abbot Germain Marc'hadour.
         The "Amici Thomae Mori" Association and the review "MOREANA" come directly from these two organizations with a pronounced international perspective added.

         After a prologue entitled "Holy Thomas More" and signed by Abbot Jules Jacques, the handbook includes the Articles of Association of the group and some religious texts largely inspired by the "Liturgie de Route".
         As a foretaste, we translate hereafter for you the Article 1 :

    Article 1 - The Companions of Thomas More constitute a group of Christian Academics aiming the following goals together:
    1° to promote a really personal and Community Christian life.
    2° to be influential by Christian life behaviour, especially in the Academic and Intellectual World.
    3° to assist members with an awakening of the responsibilities specific to the Christian intellectuals in the society and seek together how to spread in their communities the solution of the problems of the society.
    4° to support General Education and Humanism by pooling the acquisitions of each one.

         You will find hereafter a copy of this booklet written only in French in a PDF file.