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    NEW - Special Issue Elizabeth McCutcheon - Moreana 201-202 décembre 2015
      Liber Amicorum - A Collection of Essays by Elizabeth McCutcheon - 464 pages

    The December 2015 Moreana issue has been titled Liber Amicorum, as it is the result of a joint enterprise carried out by a number of friends. The main friend involved is Elizabeth McCutcheon, who is the
    sole author of the 20 scholarly articles of the volumeand has accepted to publish a collection of her best essays published in other journals and books than Moreana all along her career. A number of her friends have participated in this unusual Festschrift and contributed short papers or letters.

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    Special Anniversary - Moreana issue No 100 - 1989
      dedicated to Fr. Germain Marc'hadour - 570 pages

    For the 25th anniversary of Moreana, the leading journal for the study of Thomas More, articles and letters by 76 Friends of Thomas More have been assembled as a tribute to Abbé Germain Marc'hadour, founder of the Amici Thomae Mori society.

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    Complete collection of the MOREANA journals

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