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    Origin  & Aims

    In 1941, in Brussels, a university student movement, Les Compagnons de Thomas More was created. 20 years later, on December 29, 1962, the Amici Thomae Mori society was established  during the Quinzaine Thomas More of Brussels organized by Father Jules Jacques and the Compagnons.

    The Amici Thomae Mori society was created with the aim of publishing the state of the research on the works, the life and Thomas More's universe in Moreana journal which is consequently an integral part of it. Moreana being a journal highly academic, Father Germain Marc'hadour, in 1979, decided to create a magazine with illustrations as a useful and pleasant complement, the Gazette Thomas More.

    Amici Thomae Mori was created on December 29th, 1962, anniversary of the death of Thomas Becket (1170), archbishop of Canterbury, and patron saint of Thomas More.

    The issue No. 1 of Moreana was published in September, 1963, and continued onwards until this present day. You will find below an article of this first issue - originally called cahier - written by the first President of Amici Thomae Mori, E.E. Reynolds: The Friends of Saint Thomas More.

    In the French part of this website, you will find another article of this first Moreana issue,  written by one of the founders, Father Jules Jacques, recalling the circumstances of the society's foundation.

    The Friends of Saint Thomas More - MOREANA December 1962