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    OBITUARY (by Germain Marc'hadour)

        This liturgical valediction, which used to close every funeral service, was calligraphed by Robert Nagy, whose own departure, on 30 January 2006, became known to us when his copy of Moreana 161 was returned to William Gentrup by the law office he had joined upon his retirement.

         He is featured in our journals  as librarian of  the Law School in St John's University, New York, and especially of the St Thomas More Institute for Legal Research which edited " The Catholic Lawyer ", frequently echoed in our pages. His letter of May 2005, quoted in Gazette n° 14,  concerns a reunion he attended with the alumni .

         Moreana 51/79-81 shows him promoting the patron saint through the purchase of rare books, including a 1518 edition of " Utopia ". In 1987 he offered to both alumni and students a catalogue of the Institute's More holdings, adding a bilingual edition of More's epigram on Clepticus and his lawyer, drawn from CW3/II, n° 180, duly reproduced in Moreana 71-2/129.

         Gazette No 3 pictures him holding the street-sign " UTOPIA PARKWAY ", obtained for him by a state senator from the New York authorities : he donated a copy, framed in sturdy oak, to both Moreanum and the More Project, then headed by Clarence Miller.

         In retirement he applied his penmanship to various messages, sometimes translating into English his Hungarian surname. He was a great sower of Morean seeds, treating several friends to copies of " Praying with Saint Thomas More ".

         Rereading  " In Paradisum ", we hope that Bob is in the Father's spacious house with Abraham and Fisher and More. Cardinal Hume, for his funeral in Westminster cathedral, asked that the monks from his Abbey of Ampleforth  sing that classic anthem as his mortal remains were leaving the choir. It draws on  Luke 16:20-23, where the angels carry the beggar Lazarus to his eternal rest. More uses the passage refute a 'drunken sermon' of Luther, asserting that  " all souls lie still and sleep, and so sleep shall until the day of doom " (CW7/212).