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    Father Germain Photo Album

    August 12, 1965 - Gazette Nb 1

         This picture, provided by Fr. William Monihan, S.J., was taken at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, on august 12, 1965, during a banquet concluding the Symposium on FREEDOM AND AUTHORITY : ERASMUS, THOMAS MORE AND LUTHER (see Moreana Nb 6 p. 36 ; Nb 7, p. 4).
         From left to right:
         William J; Monihan, who organized the Symposium at his own University of San Francisco,
         Germain Marc'hadour, who spoke on Erasmus,
         Richard S. Sylvester, who gave the lecture on More,
         Lewis W. Spitz, of Stanford University, who spoke on Luther,
         Dean John E. Burchard, of the M.I.T., who acted as Moderator.

    Februay 9, 1985 - Gazette Nb 8 - 2000

         We reproduce an historic photo, taken on February 9, 1985 by Ellen Jones, then documentalist. Father Germain returning from Post office having taken there a good stock of Moreana in his rucksack. He is right to smile because these mailing duties have the advantage to combine economy with physical exercise.
         On October 19, 2000, for a good launch of his "retirement", several friends clubbed together to offer him the surprise of a bicycle: Marie-Claude Rousseau, Clare Murphy, Marcel Le Ny and Mary Le Rumeur went with him to the 29 rue Volney where a brand new bicycle chosen by Vianney was waiting for him. Father Germain was delighted " because for 70 years the bicycle is my ladyship ", and the 1984 bicycle had just been stolen !

    May 19, 1985 - Gazette Nb 7 (87-88)

          A double jubilee: Fisher and Thomas More 1535 - on 1935 - 1985
         The papal homily, as the mass collection, give for last object to the prayer the Church unity grace.
         When their country get under the schism way, they went against the laws which tore to pieces the Christ seamless dress. Today Anglican Church honors their martyrdom, and put them forward among the oeucuménical movement saints.
         From left to right : Chanoine André Prévost, Cardinal Confalioneri, Father Germain and Cesare Grampa

    July 20, 1985 - Gazette Nb 9 (95-96)

         This picture of Gregory Meere has been taken by Mary O'Neill in the Westminster Cathedral sacristy.
         The ladies, in addition to Clare Murphy, are Mary's mother Elizabeth and her little sister Rita, number tenth of the O'Neill family.

    July 21, 1985 - Gazette Nb 7 (87-88)

         Nicolas Barker, President of the Amici Thomae Mori, and Mrs Joanna Barker, with Father Germain in front of the Thomas More statue outside Chelsea Old Church on the last morning of the London conference

     May 16, 1999 - Moreana Nb 138

         Germain Marc'hadour receives the Honorary Doctorate in Divinity of the Papal University of Maynooth from Sean Brady's hands, archbishop of Armagh and Chancellor of the Papal University.
         This nomination took place during the meeting of the friends who came from the United States: the links of Father Germain with the great Yale edition of More's complete works go back up to more than 40 years.
         May 16th has some meaning for the personal life of Father Germain -- he was ordered deacon on May 16, 1943, and his mother died on May 16, 1959 - as well as in the More's career: he resigned as Chancellor of Henry VIII on May 16, 1532.
         (see the Germain Marc'hadour Calendar)

    September 2004 - Moreana n° 156

         The September 2004 Fontevraud colloquium: In the background is the Rector of the Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Budapest, Gyorgy Fodor, with his family and Anne-Sophie Ascher, médiateur culturel.
         In the foreground from left to right: Mary Le Rumeur, Kevin Eastell, Germain Marc'hadour and Clare M. Murphy.

    May 27, 2005 - Moreana Nb 162

         Father Germain's last day in his office at the 29 rue Volnay MOREANUM, from where he had kept in touch with the Amici Thomae Mori from all over the world.
         Photo taken on 27 May 2005 by Monika Henne.

    June 22, 2006

         Mgr Jean-Louis Bruguès, bishop of Angers, chaired the Eucharist in this 31th priestly ordination anniversary.
         Kevin Eastell, in charge of the English-speaking parish for all the diocese, the priest of Doué and Father Bernard Bourdin, Dominican as our bishop concelebrated the mass.

    June 22, 2007

         The chalice which I point to was a wine cup: the English people used to get the wine around the table, evryone drinking as we still do with the mass chalice.
         This cup was achieved in England at the time of the Oliver Cromwell's puritan government , perhaps through the marriage of some More descendant.
         The Association Amici Thomae Mori bought to the cup in 1970, for £1000, and the agent, a Jew from Switzerland, added a paten to it to make a chalice of it.
         (see the June 22, 2007 column)

    December 29, 2007

         Marie-Claire Phélippeau and Hubert Baudet with Father Germain, snapshot by Patricia

    December 29, 2007

         Father Germain invited for lunch at Patricia's

         Dies Mirabilis :

         1170     Murder of Thomas Becket
         1886     More and Fisher beatification
         1962     Birth of the " Amici Thomae Mori " society
         (see the Germain Marc'hadour Calendar)