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    John Richard Cavanaugh
     (par Germain Marc'hadour - novembre 2007)

         Above Thomas More's call for prayer is the shield of the Congragation of Saint Basil, which John entered at the age of eighteen, and which runs the Saint John Fisher College in Rochester, New-York State, where he spent all of his teaching years.

         The motto of that teaching Institute, founded in France in 1802, comes from Psalm 118:66 in the Latin Vulgate. The Douay Bible renders it as " Teach me goodness, and discipline, and knowledge ": the second verb is glossed as " instructing the ignorant ".

         I first met John in 1961, when he spent a sabbatical at the More Project, Yale, to put the last touch to his dissertation on Proverbs in the works of More, prepared at St. Louis University with Walter Ong as mentor. He spent his 1991-92 sabbatical at Moreanum, and presided at the 22 June 1992 liturgy at Boulogne-Billancourt: Lilijana quotes from his homily in Gazette n° 2.

         He stayed at Angers again when he took part in the Fontevraud Congress of 2001, and he is at his smiling best in one of the three photos featuring him in Gazette n° 11. Our fittest homage to his memory should be publishing his dissertation, to illustrate the orality of More's prose and his trust in the popular wisdom conveyed by what he calls " the old said saws ".